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Are you located in the Houston area and in need of the best Houston TX Local Movers? If that is the case, contact Summit Moving and Storage. Although there are plenty of moving companies in Houston, no one comes close to the excellent services we provide. While achieving a successful move is our number one priority, we do offer other various services.

With plenty of years of experience up our sleeves, we have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to perform any relocation. One thing that we have learned throughout the years is that each move is different from the previous one. With that in mind, we offer a free quote on your project. Not only will this quote give you an estimated cost, but it will help us work to meeting your specifications.

Whether you require local or long-distance moving services, Summit has everything you need. As stated, we will ensure that all your needs are met to perfection. Moving shouldn’t have to be challenging, and with us, it isn’t!

Houston TX Local Movers

Houston TX Local Movers

Choosing the Best Houston TX Local Movers

When it comes to deciding on a moving company, Summit Moving and Storage should be the first on your mind. Originally established as a family-owned and operated business, our team values our clients and their opinions. By treating you like family, our customer service goes above and beyond.

Before hiring any moving services in Houston, it is essential to look into their work and values. In doing so, you will come to find the best company to serve your needs. One of the main reasons people choose Summit is their transparency and kindness. We believe that throughout the moving process, you should be well informed and supported.

Our team will ensure that all information is communicated clearly to avoid any mistakes. Also, we will be by your side every step of the way. Moving is an important event in your life, and we want you to enjoy it!

About Summit Moving & Storage

Summit Moving and Storage is the local moving company you need. We make sure that your move is smooth and efficient. From start to finish, our job will be to support and make all your requirements possible. For the best Houston TX Local Movers, trust Summit.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have acquired all the knowledge needed to perform a successful move. It was made clear to us, that like we offer certain moving services, people also require specific assistance. Our moving services include residential, commercial, and senior relocations. Besides that, we also provide support in tasks that come with moving.

Residential Moving

Home moving regularly happens, whether it be due to work or solely a change of scenery. Either way, many tasks will come along that might intervene with your daily schedule. To keep your everyday life intact, contact our services. We provide one family at a time moving, to ensure that all your belongings will be delivered safely and without mistake.

Also, if you are moving with children or pets, we have helpful tips to put to use. You may believe that children and pets are not affected by relocations. However, they are well aware of the changes that are coming. To have a smooth transition, it is vital to keep your children well-informed from the start.

As for your pets, make sure that the new location is pet-proof. Knowing such information could help keep your animals from escaping the new place. All in all, to help keep everyone happy, make sure you are enjoying the moving experience.

Houston TX Local Movers

Summit offers residential, commercial, and senior moving.

Commercial Moving

While commercial moves are also frequent, there are some slight differences. For instance, when it comes to businesses, the sooner they are relocated, the better. As the saying goes, time is money, and our commercial movers know it!

Having worked with companies of all sizes and from multiple disciplines, we are well rounded of office relocations. No matter if you are remodeling your office, temporarily moving, or upsizing, we have what it takes for the job. To ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible, we will work closely with your schedule.

Senior Moving

At Summit, any moving experience is possible. Whether that be residential or office moving, or even senior moving. Our team is composed of the most caring and compassionate people. We will work to get everything ready for the move and will provide you with some space.

Moving is an emotional time for everyone, especially older people. While we do all the heavy work, we provide you with the family time you need before your big day.

We Have Solutions For Everything

To make sure that an enjoyable move will take place, we do the most for you. Our professional movers will move your belongings and any pieces of furniture. In doing so, we will allow you to relax during this special life event.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Regardless of the moving type, our team will provide you with packing services. In other words, we will do all the packing and unpacking, so that you don’t have to. With our training, we are capable of ensuring all items stay safe while on our moving truck. Once at the desired location, we will unpack all things and help as needed.

Houston TX Local Movers

We offer more than just moving services!

Moving Supplies

Office relocations are a bit different since there is more equipment to be transported. Our team members will provide all the materials required to safely deliver computers, printers, fax machines, and more.

Piano Moving

Another service that we offer is piano transportation. Pianos are enormous, and their angles can make it difficult to move or carry safely. However, with the right resources, even the most challenging situations are possible.

Realtor Programs

Besides moving services, Summit also offers realtor programs. We believe that beneficial relationship can be developed between real estate agents and us.


All services needed when moving can be found at Summit. Anything from providing moving boxes to packing and inventory is done with us. Visit us online to learn more about all the services we offer.

Order a Direct Quote Now

When looking for the best movers in Houston, make sure to contact Summit Moving and Storage at (713) 623-1444. We are the best Houston TX Local Movers around!

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • The city of Houston is home to 4 professional sports teams.
  • Westheimer Road alone has more than 3500 restaurants.
  • JP Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest building in Texas at 1,002 feet.
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