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Houston TX Local Movers Near Me

Our sterile storage areas have video-surveillance so your belongings will be monitored 24/7.

“Houston TX local movers near me” is a common search topic on the internet. However, it is crucial to be aware of what to look for in a moving company. For high-quality professional movers, look no further than Summit Moving & Storage. We are the best moving company in the Houston area.

We specialize in commercial moves, home moves, and long-distance moves. Collectively, our team members have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our team will safely move your belongings and larger pieces of furniture. Additionally, when it comes to customer service, you won’t find anyone better than Summit Moving & Storage.

If you need packing services, moving services, or storage, our company does it all. Clients can trust that when they come to us, they are in the best of hands. We take extra measures to ensure the satisfaction of all of our jobs and customers. Give us a call today to experience our excellence for yourself.

We aim to improve your overall moving experience drastically. Although there are plenty of other local moving companies, customers often come to us. Quality movers in Houston can be hard to come by, but not with us. Instead of doing the job alone, or settling for an average moving company, partner with the best today.

Houston TX Local Movers Near Me

When it comes to transporting your personal and valuable belongings, moving experience is essential. Our team members are experts at packaging, moving, and storing pieces of furniture of all sizes. They will safely move your belongings wherever you need them to go.

However, the Greater Houston area has the answer. Summit Moving & Storage has everything you need to achieve a successful move. Because of our background in the industry, we have mastered the ins and outs of moving and storage. A high-quality company with full-service movers does exist. Let us help you relocate today.

We would never ask our customers to lower their standards for a moving company. Additionally, your belongings are valuable and deserve to be transported in one peace. Our company offers packing services, moving services, and more. Not to mention, our moving trucks are spacious and adequately secured.

We routinely aid with moves of many kinds. Whether it is a home move or an office relocation, our movers offer their best services no matter what. Our company has streamlined our process to ensure you get the smoothest move possible. Now, no matter where you are going, you can get there with peace-of-mind.

Houston TX Local Movers Near Me

Houston TX Local Movers Near Me

In A League Of Our Own

When you are ready to relocate, call, and speak to a specialist. At this part of the process, we will collect information from you regarding where you wish to go, etc. From there, we will work with you to schedule your move. In instances where packing services are acquired, we will schedule both a packing and loading date.

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, we can help with any heavy lifting as well. Contact your assigned relocation specialist to make sure everything is in order. Our moving experts are always ready to answer questions regarding upcoming moves. Finally, on your packing date, we will send our trained movers to the specified location early in the morning.

Depending on how extensive the packing process is, your packing date will be the same as your loading date. Once completed, the movers will begin prepping the home for the loading of items onto the moving truck. Clients can always trust us to oversee their household goods. 

There is no moving task that our team cannot handle. No matter if it is a smaller move or a significant move, we can help. We are experienced in assisting clients with office transfers, international moves, and more. We’ll contact you 24 hours in advance of the expected delivery date. Once the shipment arrives, you’ll be able to direct the moving team as to where to place your items.

Storage You Can Trust

When it comes to storage, it is essential to trust that your items will be safe. Fortunately, our storage services give our clients a sense of comfort and security that they deserve. Not to mention, you depending on what your storage holds, you can opt for a climate-controlled unit.

Finding damaged items and belongings is frustrating and costly. Additionally, getting unpacked only to find individual boxes and items missing is a nightmare. With Summit Moving & Storage, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of damaged or missing things. Our movers are professional from start to finish.

Not to mention, our storage units are clean and secure. As you travel, it can be hard to be without your many of your personal belongings. However, your items are in the best of care. On top of our spacious, clean, and secure units, we also offer incredible customer support. There is nothing not to love about Summit Moving & Storage.

Houston TX Local Movers Near Me

With over 20 years of experience, Summit knows how to make the moving process as organized and efficient as possible.

Summit Moving & Storage Is Here To Help You

Quality Houston moving companies can be hard to come by. However, our services ensure that we stand out as the best. When facing a move, there are a wide variety of different things to consider. For instance, clients of ours frequently have pets and kids. For resources on how to best navigate a move in these situations, visit our website.

Whether you are moving across the state or relocating internationally, our team is the best option. We are committed to providing you with the best moving and storage services available. Give us a call at (713) 623-1444 or visit our location to find out more about how we can assist you. Once you experience all that we have to offer, you won’t be searching for Houston TX local movers near me ever again.

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