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For the best Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me, trust Summit Moving and Storage. Compared to other local moving companies in the Houston area, we go above and beyond.

The Best From All Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me

Our company has been in business for over 20 years. During that period, we have been able to perfect the art of moving. We have the best customer service, treating all clients like family. From all the Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me, Summit will exceed your expectations.

Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me

Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me

Are You Moving Homes?

If you are looking to move homes or have already decided, there are some factors to keep in mind. Moving is not a single one-way step; instead, it is a lengthy process. There is a lot of planning and detail that goes into achieving a successful relocation. It is essential to contact a moving company that will keep you informed throughout every step of the move plan.

When you hire Summit, you are hiring a team that values your opinions and preferences. We work towards satisfying you in all your moving needs. Committed to excellence, we ensure that you are prepared for what’s to come. However, before starting your relocations, there are some steps that you need to follow.

Lets Us Survey Your Current Home

The first step in the moving process is to speak to one of our relocation specialists. Not only will we receive valuable information, but so will you. When you talk to our specialist, we will schedule a convenient date to survey your current home. From that survey, we will gain valuable information regarding the tools and preparation needed for the move.

As for you, you will acquire vital information concerning the cost of your project. We will provide you with a free estimated cost. To get started with your home transition, fill out our online direct quote form.

Scheduling and Completing Your Move

Once we have surveyed your home, we will move on to scheduling your packing and loading dates. The amounts of items being moved will account for the number of trucks and trips performed. Also, it will determine if the packing and loading dates are the same or different.

If you request packing services from us, we will ensure that all your belongings are carefully packed. However, if you did not, we suggest starting all packing at an early stage in the process. In doing so, we will be capable of completing a fast and efficient move.

On the loading date, you can expect us to arrive at your current home early in the morning. With our experience and training, we will load all items carefully and adequately. Then, we will be able to travel to your destination. If unpacking services will be required at the new home, keep us informed.

Moving Homes is a Big Change

It is important to understand that moving homes is a considerable change. More so, it comes to affect every individual in the family. With that in mind, prepare yourself for different reactions from everyone. While you may be excited about the relocation, your children might not be as much.

Therefore, our crew has offered some tips that can be useful in giving everyone a healthy transition.

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If you are moving with children, our pets, ask our team for helpful tips.

Helping Your Children Adapt to the Change

As stated, children might not react as well as you when finding out about the move. Most important, they will certainly not respond well if kept a surprise. To help eliminate any meltdowns, we suggest that you inform your kids from the start. Having them be well informed of the relocations will help them come to terms with the change.

One of our most suggested tips is to visit the new home is possible. Once there, you could take your kids to explore the nearby areas. Engaging in such activities will help them familiarize themselves with the new home and location.

Lastly, our house movers will tell you to have fun throughout the moving process. It is vital to show your kids that the change is good. Plan some fun activities for when you arrive at the new home. For more useful tips, ask any of our team members.

Your Pets Need Support Too

Just like children, our pets can react negatively to change. However, to prevent that from happening, we suggest keeping their schedule untouched. To maintain their routines as usual as possible, we recommend to do all feeding and playing as you always have.

Before the moving day, we suggest to pet-proof your new home. Therefore, when you arrive, your pet will have no way of escaping. While your pet wants to stay with you, they are still not aware that this is their new home. It is common for them to try to locate their former home, the reason why we recommend no escaping chances are possible.

Moving Services & More Are Needed For a Smooth Transition

Being a full service moving company, Summit offers their help in all tasks relating to the relocation. Apart from our moving services and our tips, we also help in any packing, loading, and much more.

Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me

Take advantage of the packing services we offer!

We Offer You Packing Services

As mentioned, we help you with all your packing. We understand that people have busy schedules. Therefore, finding time to do all the preparation can be difficult.

Our crew is highly trained and skilled. We will ensure that all items are carefully and adequately packed before being placed in our moving trucks. Also, we will provide all the moving supplies and boxes required.

However, if you would enjoy packing your belongings, we are more than happy to let that happen. After all, keeping you satisfied is our number one priority. No matter the preference, the choice is yours to make!

Need To Transport a Large Item Safely?

If you own any large pieces of furniture that are too large for boxes, we build custom crates. Our talent lets us adapt to any challenges thrown our way. With us, there is no item too large for safe transportation.

Assisting With Your Piano Moving

Being equipped with the best resourced and latest technology allow us to provide exceptional care to any piano. Inform us if any pianos will be traveling with you.

Come to Summit Moving & Storage

Trust Summit Moving and Storage for all your moving services and more. For more information regarding our work, please call us at (713) 623-1444. For the best Houston TX House Moving Companies Near Me, keep Summit in mind!

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