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Are you in need of the Best Houston TX Commercial Moving Company around? If you are, Summit Moving and Storage is the place to visit. We have sharpened our moving services throughout the years to give you an enjoyable and stress-free moving experience. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have learned and applied many lessons into our work.

We believe that moving is an art that requires extensive learning to perfect. One of the many lessons that we have learned is that every move is unique and different from the one before.

Also, people require different services from us. While some people prefer our help for packing, others do not. Keeping that in mind, we have worked to offer you a personalized moving plan. No matter if you are performing local or long-distance commercial moves, we are here to facilitate your relocation.

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Businesses will experience changes, whether that be opening new offices or relocating to different locations. Whatever the reasons, they will need a moving company in Houston to get the job well done. To do that, talented and skilled office movers are required. At Summit, we have heavily trained to become the team we are today.

For the Best Houston TX Commercial Moving Company, there is no one better than Summit Moving and Storage.

Why Choose Us?

When you are looking into relocating offices, it is essential to keep in mind all the services that you will require. Companies are full of equipment and materials that need transportation to the new location. Most times, such equipment includes computers, printers, and more. Items like those can be easily harmed, so great care is needed for transportation.

Therefore, you will need commercial movers that are caring and attentive. At Summit, we ensure that all your belongings will arrive in the condition we found them.

Experienced Movers

As stated, we have been in the industry for more than 20 years. In other words, we are highly experienced and trained in all things moving. Our Houston movers have worked with various companies.

More so, those companies have been hugely satisfied with the work they received. In fact, they were so happy with our work that they stayed in touch for any future moving services.

Exceptional Customer Service

Not only are we highly experience in the industry, but we also provide the best customer service. Having started as a family business, we have treated our clients like family from the start. We ensure that politeness and transparency are established. In doing so, we help you stay well aware of each step in the relocation process.

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

What Type of Commercial Move are you performing?

Houston’s commercial relocations can vary from one another. Our number one priority is to get you back in business in no time. Summit is very experienced in various commercial moving projects.

Office & Industrial Move

Office moves are more challenging than regular relocations. Planning and coordination are much needed to serve all your moving and business needs. To achieve minimum downtime during the move, we work to create an adequate schedule to follow.

Also, due to the equipment that needs transportation, we will require specialized resources. At Summit, our movers will safely pack and deliver all items to your new office. We will work on getting your business running as soon as possible. No one will take the steps we do to leave your company in the best condition.


Another commercial move in which we offer help is on educational facilities. We are dedicated to assisting in moving libraries, remodeling classrooms, and much more. Our experience in various industries allows us to complete any project by the time you request. Once again, we will work to devise a plan for your school relocation.

Health Industry

When moving health facilities, we understand that there is severe medical equipment that will requrie special care. However, our trained team members will provide the most thoughtful consideration. The many relocations we offer are for hospitals, medical office buildings, assisted living centers, and more.

What to do before the Move?

In order to achieve a successful commercial move, it is vital to have a move plan. Since several tasks go into moving your company, it is critical to prepare and organize.

Speak to a Relocation Specialist

One of the first steps that we suggest is to talk to a relocation specialist. When you do, they will schedule a date to survey your current home. In performing this survey, our consultants will be able to gather valuable information. Not only will we have a better idea of the tools necessary for your move, but you will also receive an estimated cost of the project.

Schedule & Complete the Move

After performing the survey, we will move on to schedule a packing and loading date. Depending on the amount of belonging needing transportation, your dates could differ. If you would like our professional movers to assist in packing your belonging, let us know beforehand. We will supply all boxes, bubble wrap, and tape required for packing.

Once everything is set, the only thing left is to complete the relocation. We will ensure to load all your items into our trucks carefully. Then you can expect us at your new destination at the time requested.

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Houston TX Commercial Moving Company

Will some items require Storage?

If some items are not traveling to your new location, let us know. When you hire our moving services, you are also offered storage solutions. Here, all your items will be kept safe in our various monitored facilities.

We offer self-storage, business storage, and even climate-controlled storage. Therefore, if any valuables are sensitive and require specific maintenance, we have you covered.

Get a Direct Quote

To get a direct quote now, fill out our online quote form. We will provide you with an estimated cost for your project and begin planning accordingly.

Summit Moving and Storage

If you find yourself in Houston, Texas, and need commercial moving services, contact Summit Moving and Storage. For more information and materials regarding our work, call us at (713) 623-1444.

For the Best Houston TX Commercial Moving Company, trust us!

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