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If you are looking for Houston TX Best Movers Near Me, Summit Moving and Storage is the place to go. When you hire a moving company, you need to be well informed of what they have to offer. At Summit, we provide more than merely moving services. When you contact our assistance, we provide help in all packing, loading, and much more.

Also, you want to hire movers that will give you the utmost respect and attention. Having started as a family-owned and operated business,  we’ve worked to provide the best customer service from the start. By treating every client like family, we work towards excellent communication. Not only will this keep us on the same page, but it will reduce any potential for mistakes.

Our years of experience in the industry has helped us become much informed and skilled. We have come to understand that every moving experience is different. To help you achieve a successful relocation, we provide personalized moving services. There is no one better than Summit!

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Summit Has Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

The moving process is a lengthy and time-consuming task. It requires both energy and time to be completed. While your schedule may not help give you the time needed, our crew does. We provide all our help to help make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

With our moving experience, we have come to understand that planning and detail are hugely important. To achieve a successful move, it is vital to have a plan to follow. When you contact Summit, we can offer you a free direct quote. With that quote, we will be able to provide moving costs depending on your project.

More so, we will have a better understanding of the services and materials required for your specific job. By performing a survey of your current location, we will be able to see how many belongings will need transportation.

When it comes to Houston TX Best Movers Near Me, Summit Moving and Storage is the place to go.

Type of Moving Being Done

Whether you require local movings or long distance services, we have what it takes for the job.

The best movers in Houston are found at Summit. With over 20 years in the industry, we have the skills necessary.

Home Moving

Any local moving company can assist you in relocating your belonging. However, no one will take the time to make sure you are enjoying the relocation. When you hire Summit, we work in giving you a smooth and stress-free transition. In fact, if you are moving with children or pets, we have helpful tips to offer.

For instance, one of the most important things is to keep your children informed bout the relocation. Also, it is vital to visit the new location throughout the moving process. Not only will this keep them familiar with the place, but it will reduce any anxiety that could build up.

As for your pets, the new home must be pet-proof. While your pet is becoming familiar with the new location, it is vital that no escaping is possible. For more tips, go to our website or contact our specialist.

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Office Moving

Another type of relocation we do is commercial moves. We provide the latest technology when transporting all your office equipment. In doing so, we ensure that all computers and printers are safely delivered.

No matter the size of your company or the industry, you can count on us to give you an excellent moving experience.

Senior Moving

Lastly, we offer moving services to seniors. If moving is challenging even for us, imagine the huge task it is for older people. To provide a smooth transition, we take full responsibility for any duties that come with moving.

Types of Storage Facilities We Offer

If you are conducting a relocation in the Houston area, you most certainly took advantage of the great benefits Summit offers. When you perform any interstate moving with us, we offer you with storage solutions. Therefore, any item that will not be traveling with you can stay safe in our facilities.

We offer various facilities, including self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage. In doing so, we allow for any items to have proper room and care. Our facilities have 24/7 surveillance cameras to ensure that they will be kept out of harm.

Self Storage

For any belongings that will not be relocated during your home removal, you can keep them in or self-storage facilities.

Business Storage

Likewise, you can do the same with any office equipment.

Climate Controlled

Lastly, we keep in mind that there are items that are sensitive to climate. Id that is the case, proper storage can still be found at Summit. With our climate-controlled storage, we will ensure that your book or antiques are well preserved.

Specialized Services Make Moving Easier

As the name says, we provide both moving and storage services at the Summit. However, we do far more than just that. Throughout the years, we have learned that many tasks come along with moving. For instance, packing, unpacking, and loading are all tasks that come with relocating.

moving truck

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

Packing & Unpacking

One of the biggest and busiest tasks that come with moving is packing. There are many belongings in our homes that need to be packed appropriately for transportation. By providing packing services, we ensure that you will enjoy your moving experience.

move day unpacking

Custom Crating

Any items that are too large to be packed in boxes may require a crate. With our custom crating services, we can build a crate for any item. Our talented team will use their skills to secure any object in a custom crate.

Piano Moving

If you own any pianos that may require transportation, we asked that you inform us beforehand. Being informed about this can help us in preparation. Our professional movers will get the tools and resources necessary to get the job done.

Call Us Soon

When looking for a moving company in Houston, contact Summit Moving and Storage at (713) 623-1444. We are your Houston TX Best Movers Near Me!

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • Houston is named after the military commander, Sam Houston.
  • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • The largest shopping mall in Texas is the Galleria.
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