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Find the best Houston Texas Senior Moving Services at Summit Moving & Storage. There are no better moving services in Houston than the ones we offer.

Houston Texas Senior Moving Services

Trust Summit in giving you the best Houston Texas Senior Moving Services!

Houston Texas Senior Moving Services

Houston Texas Senior Moving Services

Choosing Summit is Choosing Independence

In order for you to keep your independence, you need to live in a suitable environment. Whether you are moving into a senior assisted living center or relocating to a smaller house, you need a moving company to get you there. Summit Moving & Storage can help you get to your new home!

Moving on your own can be very overwhelming and cause much stress. Although your children could assist in the move, finding time in their busy schedules could be complicating. When you hire Summit, we will help aid in all tasks that come along with relocating. Our company will be with you every step of the moving process.

We will provide you and your families all the information and resources needed to achieve a successful transition. We can assist you in determining what items will be moved, stored, or given away. If you are placing your current home back in the market, we can offer our services in packing and de-cluttering the space.

The last thing that will be left to do is move you to your new home and help set up everything. We suggest that you leave all the unpacking us. Our eye to detail will ensure that your new home is left looking as good as your last place.

You Are Our Number One Priority

At Summit, we understand that every moving experience is different from the previous one. Sometimes we are contacted by a son or daughter that wants to coordinate a move for their parents. Other times, it is the older adult who hires us. Either way, it does not matter if you or your child contacts us; we are here to offer the best senior moving experience.

It is crucial to keep in mind that you, our client, is our number one priority. We work towards satisfying your needs and giving you the most smooth and seamless transition ever.

A Moving Guide Just For You

Moving homes is nothing new. However, it does require a lot of attention and planning. When you contact Summit, these are some of the things you can expect from us:

  • We offer help to sell your current home.
  • Storage is offered for any items.
  • Care will be taken when packing fragile items.
  • Relocating you is made easy.
  • You are assisted in setting up your new place.
  • Installation of any electronic equipment.

Obtain a Free Estimated Cost

Like any other relocation, the process will be lengthy. Therefore, proper planning and organizing will be needed. The first step in any moving process is to have you speak to one of our relocation specialists. In doing so, we will schedule a convenient date to visit your current home and perform a survey.

The survey will help us gather valuable information needed to determine what will require to complete the move. For instance, it will give us a better idea of the number of trucks and trips we will need. More so, this survey will help us gather your cost estimations. We will provide you with an estimated cost for the project.

Houston Texas Senior Moving Services

Your specialists will guide you through the entire moving process.

There Every Step of the Way

Once the survey is performed, we will schedule a packing and loading date. For people of advanced age, we highly recommend taking advantage of our packing services. Our crew is well trained in any senior moving circumstances. We will ensure to pack all your belongings carefully and adequately into boxes.

From start to finish, our team will be by your side to assist. On the moving date, we will arrive at your location early in the morning. Most of our clients are usually not on site at this time in the moving process. Since your move is almost complete, we suggest that you enjoy some time with family before the transition.

When we arrive at your new home, we will take care of all the unloading and unpacking necessary. That way, when you come to your home, you will be welcomed with a clean and organized place.

We Take Full Care of the Relocation

As stated, Summit takes care of all the hard work so that you don’t have to. We offer more than merely moving services. Our help is provided for any packing, storing, and much more. Ask any of our specialists about the many things we offer.

Leave All the Packing To Us

To ensure that you enjoy a stress-free relocation, we offer our help in any task needed. For instance, packing is one of the most common tasks you can expect when moving. Therefore, we can take complete responsibility for all your packing and unpacking.

Having been extensively trained, our team members have the best hands for the job. With the best attention and care, we will pack all items into the appropriately labeled box. As for any furniture, you can expect it to be wrapped in our moving blankets.

We will also offer to help unpack all your belongings once at the new place. More so, we will take the time to place everything in the appropriate place. In doing so, you will be coming home to a comfortable space free of all boxes.

Houston Texas Senior Moving Services

Let your movers or specialists know if you need crating, boxes, or storage.

Need Help Moving Your Piano?

If you own any pianos or delicate clocks, we suggest that you inform us before the move day. When you do, we will begin to prepare all of our unique materials and tools.

Keep Any Item Safe in Our Storage Facilities

As for any objects that you no longer want, we can help you sell them. If you would, however, prefer to store them, look into our storage solutions. Our facilities are clean and surveillance to ensure that your items will be well-maintained.

Also, we provide non-climate and climate-controlled storage. Therefore, no matter the object, you will undoubtedly find a proper storing place.

Choose Summit Moving & Storage

For the best senior moving experience, there is only one place to visit. Summit Moving & Storage does the most to ensure that you maintain your independence. To learn more about our work, call us at (713) 623-1444. The best Houston Texas Senior Moving Services are found here!

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