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Do you require services from the Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies? If so, the best company out there is Summit Moving and Storage. Summit started over 20 years ago as a family business. Throughout the years, we gained more knowledge and skills useful when carrying out relocations.

One of the main lessons we learned was that every move would be different from the previous one. In other words, people have different preferences resulting in unique moving experiences.

To work in providing you a successful transition, we worked to personalize relocations to your liking. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether or not you need packing services, storage solutions, the choice is up to you. Also, it does not matter if you require local or long-distance services; we do both!

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies

Best Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies

Moving is a very special event in our lives. Whether we are finally leaving our parents home or just changing scenery, moving is a memorable occasion. It is a time that we want to enjoy and remember. Although we are excited to complete our move, many tasks need to be done first.

Tasks like cleaning, packing, and more will be needed before the move. Such jobs can be challenging and stressful when finding time throughout our busy schedules. It is at this moment, where we require help from an experienced moving company. As stated, Summit Moving and Company had worked in the industry for over 20 years.

With our experience and knowledge, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

About Summit Moving & Storage

Having started as a family company really helped us create the highest quality customer service. From the start, we worked to treating every client like family. Our staff values politeness and transparency. By practicing both, we can establish clear communication.

Not only does this help you stay informed, but it also gives you the respect you deserve thorough the moving process. When you require services from the best Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies, know there is no one better than Summit!

All About Residential Moves

While we do provide both residential and commercial moves, it is essential to keep in mind that home removals are more personal and emotional. Trust your local moving company Summit to assist in providing a smooth transition.

Moving With Children

Our years of experience have helped us come up with plenty of useful tips to apply when moving with children. Especially if you are performing a long-distance move from the Greater Houston area, you need to inform your kids.

Moving with Pets

Similar to children, pets are also aware of the changes that are about to take place. It is crucial to pet-proof your new home to eliminate any potential of escaping.

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies

Whether or not you require packing services is up to you!

Who is Packing?

At Summit, we provide full-service moves. In other words, we provide help in any tasks that may emerge from your relocation. However, we are more than open to the idea that you might enjoy some moving tasks like packing.

As stated before, we are here to satisfy your relocation preferences. Therefore, you can either leave all the packing to us or do it yourself. If you are packing all belonging yourself, we have some helpful tips to offer.

Leave the Work to Us

When you hire our packing services, we provide all the moving supplies. Our staff is responsible for bringing all boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, as is necessary. Being the professional movers we are, we have extensive training and experience in packing. You can have peace of mind knowing that all your belongings will be carefully and adequately packed.

Also, we will ensure that all boxes are safely loaded into our trucks. Once we double-check that all items are loaded, we will begin our travel to your desired destination. Arriving at the location, we will ensure that all belongings are unloaded carefully. If you would like for us to unpack your items, let us know.

Helping You Enjoy the Packing

If you would prefer to pack your belongings yourself, also inform us beforehand. Since we understand that some families enjoy packing their items together, we have arranged a list of helpful packing tips. The first thing we recommend is to find boxes of all sizes. In doing so, you will be prepared to pack any sized item.

For extra care, we suggest cushioning the bottom of the box with bubble wrap. To avoid fragile items from shifting and breaking once inside the box, we suggest to wrap them with packing paper. As you are packing your belongings, we recommend labeling the boxes to stay organized.

Our Specialized Services

Besides our moving and packing services, our team members have more to offer. We assist you in anything you may need. Other moving companies in Houston do not come close to our dedication and commitment. Our company is determined to provide you the most enjoyable and stress-free moving experience.

Custom Crating

Although we provide boxes for packing, we are aware that sometimes objects are too large. To help them stay secure while in our moving trucks, we build custom crates. Our custom crating services make it possible for larger objects to get the protection they need when traveling.

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies

If some items are not traveling to your new home, keep them safe in our storage facilities.

Piano Movers

Even though boxes and crates are provided, we sometimes find ourselves with more delicate items. If you own any piano that will require transportation, we ask that you let us know before the move day. In informing us, you give us the time to prepare the tools needed for your piano move properly.

Will You Need Storage?

Apart from all our moving services, we also provide storage solutions. Other local movers will not offer storage with their moving services. However, at Summit, we do!

Our units include self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage. With Summit, any object is safe in our storage facilities.

Contact Summit Now

As you can see, Summit Moving and Storage offers several services, including moving, packing, loading, and much more. When you need help from the best movers in the Houston area, give us a call at (713) 623-1444. From all the Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies, Summit is the best our there!

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