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For the best Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me, trust Summit Moving and Storage. Perhaps you are performing a long-distance relocation, or maybe you need local moving services. Either way, Summit has what you require.

Fist started as a family business; Summit established a set of values to work by. Values that would help treat each client like family. We ensure that all client’s opinions and preferences are heard. In allowing this, we work to satisfy the customer and achieve a successful moving experience.

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me

If you are changing homes, trust Summit for all your moving needs.

Best Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me

Although moving can be stressful, for the most part, it should be exciting and enjoyable. To make that happen, you need full-service moves that assist in everything.

Other movers in the Houston area will not give you the treatment that we do. From the many Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me, Summit is the one to choose!

Our Team

For high-quality customer service and excellent moving services, come to Summit. Our team members are the most polite and transparent people ever. With us, you will clearly understand the moving process.

Also, you can count on us to be there every step of the process. We ensure that you are well informed and valued with your moving needs and decisions.

Residential Moving

If great local movers are what you need, you have found them with us. Home removals can be challenging and stressful, mainly if a family is involved. However, we can help make any relocation run smoothly and efficiently.

At Summit, we relocate one family at a time to ensure that no mistakes occur. This strategy helps us avoid any items from being misplaced and ending up lost.

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me

Moving with Children

Relocating to a new location is a process that affects every member of the family. Although our children may be small, they are more than aware of the change that is soon to happen. To help avoid any potential meltdowns, we can provide you with some helpful tips to follow.

First and foremost, we suggest you inform your children about the move from the start. Also, it is essential to prepare yourself for the reactions they will have. Changing homes may be stressful for your child and could potentially be quite a sad and maddening moment for them. However, you must explain to them that the whole family will remain together.

Another thing that you can do to have a smoother transition is to visit the new home. By having your children visit the new place and the surrounding areas, they will become more familiar.

Most importantly, when you arrive at the new home, engage in some fun activities. Not only will this aid in reducing stress, but it will also create good memories in the new house.

As you can see, maintaining everyone involved in the relocation is of huge significance to us.

Moving with Pets

As stated, moving is a process that affects everyone. Therefore, is there are any pets involved in your relocation, you need to maintain them healthy and ready.

One of the main recommendations is to keep your pet’s schedule as normal as possible. Feeding and playing with them should remain like always.

Also, before the move takes place, it is crucial to ensure that the new home is pet-proof. Since it will take time for your pet to adapt to the new location, it is vital no potential for escaping exists. By making sure that your home is pet-proof before the move day, you will eliminate all escaping possibilities.

Lastly, we suggest that you take your pet to the vet before the move day. In doing so, you will ensure that they are up to date with any vaccines. Doing this also gives you time while you look for a close vet near your new home.

Packing Services

Like the name says, Summit provides more than moving services. It also offers storage solutions. Any other local moving company will not provide you with what we do. Ask any of our specialists about our storage facilities.

Moving Supplies

If you are going to take advantage of our moving services, it is beneficial to know what will come along. Understanding that a multitude of items could be encountered on your move, we provide the most to help. We bring all boxes for packing and specialized tools to transport any item.

Packing Tips

Although we do provide packing services, we are also open to the idea that some people enjoy packing their belonging. Whether you enjoy this activity as a family or want to pack special items, we are happy to let that happen. Therefore, is you are doing all the packing yourself, we have arranged a couple of helpful tips for you.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that your belongings are all very different. By saying that, it is helpful to obtain boxes of several sizes. Also, we suggest using bubble wrap to cushion the bottom of the boxes. For further protection, we recommend using some more bubble wrap to wrap fragile objects.

Lastly, to stay neat and organized, we suggest labeling the boxes. Doing that will also facilitate your life when unpacking things in your new home.

Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me

When you trust our moving services, you get much more!

Specialized Services

Our crew is trained in various traits and techniques. With most care, they will make sure that all services, including moving exercise equipment, trampolines, and more, are done to success.


We understand that sometimes there are pieces of furniture that are too large for boxes. To maintain everything secure in our moving truck, we suggest crates for larger items. Our talented crew will build a crate for the specified object and will keep it safe throughout the drive.

Piano Moving

If there are any pianos involved in your relocation, we suggest you inform us beforehand. Our professional movers will work cautiously to provide the best care for your piano.

Pack outs/ Decluttering

Moving shouldn’t have to worry you. Trust Summit to take care of all the heavy work that comes with relocating.

Summit Moving and Storage

When searching for the best moving company in Houston, Summit Moving and Storage is the right choice to make. For more information, contact us at (713) 623-1444. The best Houston Texas Residential Moving Companies Near Me is Summit!

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