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The best Houston Texas Household Movers are found at Summit Moving and Storage. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the moving industry. We provide the best customer service and work to giving you the best moving experience.

Best Houston Texas Household Movers Out There

We understand that moving is a very exciting moment in your life. However, the tasks that come along make it challenging and stressful. To help you achieve an enjoyable and stress-free move, we take care of moving services. When looking for the best Houston Texas Household Movers, find them at Summit!

Houston Texas Household Movers

Houston Texas Household Movers

Helping Families Enjoy their Moving Experience

All moving experiences are unique from one another. Therefore, we need to help personalize your relocation to your liking. In doing so, we will achieve a successful and enjoyable transition.

Home moving affects every member of the family, especially long-distance moves.  To achieve success in your move, we need to maintain everyone ready for the change that is about to occur.

Moving with Children Requires Patience

When there are children involved in your relocation, it is vital to maintain them informed. Not only will this prevent any meltdowns, but it will also keep them up to date with the change.

One of our main suggestion is to visit the new location with your family. This will help your children understand that they will be safe in the new place. Also, plan some fun activities to enjoy during the first day at the new house, it will be hugely beneficial.

Completing the Move to Your Preference

As a full-service house moving company, we offer assistance in more than merely moving services. To reduce the stress relocating brings, we provide packing services for you. Also, we can take care of any unpacking necessary at your new location.

However, we are also open to the idea that you may enjoy packing your items with the entire family. If that is the case, let us know. Whether or not you require our packing services depends on you. We are here to satisfy all your moving needs and preferences.

More than Happy to Help You Pack

If you are receiving packing services from us, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are in good hands. All our team members have received extensive training to carry out careful packing services.

Also, we provide all moving supplies needed from moving boxes to blankets, and much more. Our crew is prepared with all the tools required for a safe move. We will make sure to cushion all boxes with bubble wrap at the bottom safely.

More so, to move your belongings, we use the best moving equipment and latest techniques. We are well aware that households sometimes have pianos, trampolines, etc. Such items require special equipment to transport them to your new destination safely. No matter the thing that needs packing, we have a safe solution for it.

Houston Texas Household Movers

We are more than happy to help you and your family achieve a successful moving experience. Visit our website for more helpful tips!

Would You Prefer to Pack as a Family?

As mentioned, taking your preferences and opinions into considerations is always a major priority. Therefore, before starting any move, we make sure to ask your preference for our moving services. If you would enjoy to do the packing yourself, we can gladly let that happen.

However, our house movers in Houston do have some helpful tips to offer. For instance, when packing, we suggest that you get a hold on different sized boxes. Since we have all kinds of items in our homes, we will need appropriately sized boxes for each. You should cushion all boxes at the bottom with bubble wrap.

As a matter of fact, for fragile objects, we suggest extra protection. By wrapping fragile items in packing paper before placing them in the cushioned box, you help prevent damage. Following these tips will help keep all your belongings safe during the drive.

Lastly, to help you stay organized and ready for unpacking, we suggest labeling all boxes accordingly. For more help, speak to any of our movers.

Benefits of Coming To Summit Moving & Storage

One of the many benefits of coming to your local moving company Summit is what we offer. Unlike other moving companies, we provide more than merely moving services. We ensure to assist you in any task that may emerge from the relocation.

No one is as prepared as we are. Throughout the years, we have acquired the tools and technology needed to achieve very move to perfection.

Any Item is Safely Transported to Your New Location

Our homes are filled with belongings are sentimental items. Therefore, you require someone who will keep all your items safe and unharmed. As stated, our team has gone through extensive training and has plenty of years in the moving industry. With this, we are more than qualified to keep all your belongings safe during the drive.

Having peace of mind is achievable when you choose Summit. We will properly pack and safely move all of your valuables. In fact, for any items too large for packing, we will take the time to construct a crate. The crate will not only secure your item, but it will maintain it undamaged while we get to your new destination.

Houston Texas Household Movers

All our moving services come with storage solutions.

Will You Require Piano Moving Services?

Likewise, our professional movers are capable of relocating your piano. However, we do ask that you inform us of the piano moving service so that we may prepare. Since pianos are delicate instruments with irregular angles, they need specialized care and materials.

Leave Any Item Stored With Us

For any items that will not be part of your Houston moving experience, storage will be required. To your convenience, Summit offers storage solutions with all your moving services. Therefore, any items needing storage can be kept safe with us. Our facilities are monitored by 24/7 video-surveillance for added safety.

More so, we offer non-climate and climate-controlled storage. No matter the item, it will most certainly find a safe home in our storage units. Clean and well maintained, our facilities will keep your stored items in the condition they entered.

Visit Us Today

If you are located in the Houston area and are moving homes, come to Summit Moving and Storage. We will take care of you as no other company will. To learn more about our services, call us at (713) 623-1444. When looking for the best Houston Texas Household Movers, find them at Summit!

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