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If you are searching for Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me, visit Summit Moving and Storage. Whether you are performing a local or long-distance home relocation, count on us. With over 20 years in the industry, we provide the best work and highest quality customer service. There is no one better than Summit for all your moving needs!

Are You Searching for Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me?

For a local moving company in Houston that gives you more, trust Summit. Our movers in Houston will ensure that you experience an enjoyable and stress-free relocation. Stop searching for best Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me, with us, you’ve found them!

Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me

Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me

Things to Consider Before Your Move

People are moving all the time, whether it be due to work or solely for a change. Either way, they will encounter many tasks when moving. While we want to enjoy most of our moving experience, we will need someone to help achieve that. When you trust Summit for all your moving needs, you get what you ask for.

We will ensure that you achieve a memorable and successful relocation. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind before you move. Moving is a special occasion, but it is also a significant change. Therefore, if there are more people or pets involved in the relocation, it is essential to keep their reactions in mind.

Are you moving with Children?

Children grew up knowing one place only. When you decide to move, they will not react as well to the news. Not only are they leaving behind the place they called home, but what’s to come is unknown. You must help them see this change as a new adventure. Explaining that you will remain together as a family is critical.

To help facilitate the transition, our team members have many helpful tips to offer. Our main advice is to keep your children informed of the move from the start. By doing this, we reduce any chances of surprise and anger. Also, it helps your children understand that things will change a bit. We also suggest visiting the new home before the move day.

When you visit, make sure to take your kids exploring the surrounding areas. This will help them familiarize themselves with the new places they will encounter. Lastly, and most importantly, have some fun throughout the moving experience. It is beneficial to have your children enjoy the process. Once in your new home, have some family fun!

Do you own any pets?

Similar to children, pets undergo stress when moving. However, with our years of experience, we have put together some useful tips. One of the main things we suggest is to keep your pet’s schedule up to date. All feeding and playing should be done as usual.

As for the new home, ensure that it is pet-proof. You must understand that it will take your pet some time to get used to the new location. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate all possibilities of escape.

Lastly, before the move day, take your furry friend to the vet. Doing so will help you keep them safe while you look for a new vet. As stated, make sure to have fun and enjoy your move.

Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me

Summit will help you plan a successful moving experience.

Come to Summit When You Are Ready for the Move

Moving is not a one-way adventure. There are many tasks and planning that need to be done before the relocation. To ensure that you will have a smooth and seamless transition, visit Summit as soon as possible. From the start, we will make sure that we detail a thorough plan to follow.

Speak to our Relocation Specialist

First, we will ask you to speak with one of our specialists. In doing so, we will be able to schedule a date to survey your current home. During the survey, we will be able to obtain important information regarding your relocation services. Not only will we benefit from the survey, but you will too! You will receive a free estimated cost for the project.

We highly recommend you fill out our direct quote form today!

Schedule a Convenient Packing and Loading Date

After the survey, we will schedule a packing and loading date. Depending on the number of items needing transportation, it will account whether the dates differ or not. Also, let us know if you will require packing services from us.

Let’s Get You Moving

On the move day, we will ensure that all items are safely packed and loaded into our moving trucks. Then, you can expect us to deliver all items to your new destination by your requested time.

Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me

Our well-trained crew will help safely pack and load all your items!

Benefits From Our Many Services

At Summit, we offer full service moving services. In other words, we will assist you in any task that comes along when moving. Our crew will offer their help in any packing, piano moving, and more. Helping you enjoy the move is our number one priority.

Packing and Unpacking For You

Throughout our many years in the moving industry, we have learned many things. For instance, we have learned that some people are to busy to pack. That’s why we offer packing services and more. To help you stay on track with your busy life, we do all the packing and unpacking. With our training, we are more than qualified to perform a safe move.

All your items will be packed and loaded by the most caring hands. Also, when we arrive at the new location, we will ensure to unpack your belongings as needed.

Building Custom Crates

If any pieces of furniture are too large, we offer crating services. We can build a custom crate for any item that does not fit in a box.

Moving Your Piano and Much More

Also, our professional movers can safely transport any pianos you may own. However, we do ask you to inform us before the move day. Knowing this will help us prepare ourselves with the proper tools and equipment.

Summit Moving and Company Has the Best Home Movers

If you are located in the Houston Area, contact Summit Moving & Storage for the best home distance moving services. For more information about our work, feel free to reach us at (713) 623-1444. You can also check out our location. When searching for the best Houston Texas Home Movers Near Me, trust Summit!

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