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When searching for the Best Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me, contact Summit Moving & Storage. With over 20 years of experience, we are capable of giving you the most enjoyable and stress-free move. Whether you are performing a local move or a long-distance one, we are equipped with the right tools and materials.

More so, we have the best team around. Having started as a family business helped establish the excellent customer service we provide. At Summit, we value your opinion and work to satisfy any preferences you may have. With our politeness and transparency, we ensure that you will be more than happy with our work.

Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me

Your relocation specialist will guide you through the entire moving process.

Looking for Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me

Although people are moving all the time, each move is very different from one another. There are different people involved in the relocation, meaning that there are various preferences.

For the Bets Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me, count on Summit Moving & Storage.

Be Prepared For The Big Change

As stated, moving is a big change that comes to affect everyone in the family. To help ensure that you will achieve a successful move, you need to trust the best moving company. From all the local moving companies in Houston, Summit Moving & Storage come above the rest. We work to satisfy all your moving needs and provide you the most enjoyable experience.

However, there are some steps that you have to take before completing your transitions. When you hire Summit, there is no room for worry or stress. We will be by your side every step of the moving process. Let us help facilitate your relocation.

Let Us Survey Your Current Home

The first thing that we will ask you to do is to speak to one of our relocation specialists. In talking to them, they will work a date to survey your current home. Then, one of our consultants will visit your home at the time specified. Here are some things that you can expect from our survey:

  • We will need the size of the residence
  • New Destination
  • Items needing relocation
  • Any Packing services requested

From that information gathered, we will be able to give you a free estimated cost of the project.

Schedule & Complete Your Move With Summit

We will then move on to scheduling a packing and loading date. If many items require moving, you can expect the dates to be different. However, the dates may remain the same if there isn’t a lot of stuff to be relocated.

On the move day, you can expect us to show up on time at your residence. If you have requested our packing services, we will make sure to pack all of your belongings carefully. Then, we will continue to load all items into our moving truck.

If you haven’t done so, we highly recommend that you fill our direct quote form online.

Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me

Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me

Contact Your Nearest Summit Moving & Storage

At Summit, we offer the most for your money’s worth. Our crew can achieve success in any home, office, or senior move. Whatever you may need, contact our moving services. We are here to offer our help, from useful tips to proper packing, and much more.

We Can Help With Your Next Home & Office Relocation

Home moving is as challenging as commercial moving. Although they require different services, both need all items safely moved. To make that happen, we have acquired the best resources and the latest technology.

Giving Your Elders a Caring Relocation

Another service that we offer apart from residential and commercial moving is senior relocations. It comes to our understanding that people experience difficulty when relocating, now come to imagine elders. Since people of advanced help require our help the most,

Summit Provides More Than Moving Services

No other moving company will take the time and energy to make sure that all your belongings are well cared for. On the other hand, Summit gives all your belongings the attention they deserve. We understand that you own items that may mean so much more to you. Therefore, we have only the most caring and thoughtful hands on the job.

Trust Us in Packing Your Belongings

When looking for the most professional movers in Houston, find them at Summit. Not only is our crew able to tackle heavy work, but they are also caring when it comes to your fragile items. A lot of packing is required when moving homes or offices. To help with such a challenging task, we provide our help in all packing services.

Our extensive training allows us to pack and load any item with safety. When you place your trust in our packing skills, you can have peace of mind. Also, you can expect your belongings to be delivered in the condition you left them.

Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me

Ask any of our team members about the storage solutions that come with your relocation!

Any Item is Safe With Us

If we encounter any pieces of furniture that are too large to pack, we will offer another solution. To solve this problem, our staff can build a custom crate for the object. This crate will provide the support and security needed when traveling to your new location.

For any items like pianos, trampolines, pool tables, and more, we ask that you inform us beforehand. While we are capable of transporting them, we need to prepare all the equipment necessary.

Store Anything in Our Facilities

Lastly, we wouldn’t be the best company around if we didn’t offer storage solutions with your move. We understand that maybe not all items will be traveling with you. Therefore, we provided you with the following storage facilities:

  • Self-storage
  • Business storage
  • Climate-Controlled Storage

No matter the item that needs storage, you will most certainly find it a home here at Summit.

Hire Our Summit Movers for the Best Moving Experience

If you are located in the Houston area and require distance moving services, contact Summit Moving & Storage. You can visit us online or give us a call at (713) 623-1444. For the best Houston Texas Hire Movers Near Me, trust Summit!

Houston Texas Fun Facts 

  • In the United States, Houston is the 4th most populous city.
  • The world’s largest livestock show happens in Houston.
  • People speak more than 90 languages in this city.
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