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From the many Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies, locate the one and only Summit Moving and Storage. No other moving company will come close to comparing to us. We offer you more for your money. Our full-service movers provide more than merely moving services; we offer everything from packing to loading and much more.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the moving industry. With so many years, we have grown and learned from each and every relocation performed. For instance, we have come to understand that, like people, all moving experienced are different and unique.

In fact, some people require more moving services than others. With that in mind, we have worked to help personalize your moving experience. In doing that, we help satisfy you and achieve a successful transition. Keeping you happy during the moving process is our number one priority!

Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies

Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies

Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies

Whether you are performing a local move or require long-distance moving services, we have you covered. Stop looking for a moving company in Houston, when you’ve already found Summit Moving and Storage. If you want someone who will be with you every step of the process, that’s us!

From the first phone call to the actual moving day, we are by your side. More so, you can get a moving cost estimate before your move by filling out our online quote. When you complete this form, we will schedule a date to survey your current home. Not only will this help us gather observations, but it will also better prepare us for the move.

Once that is done, you can expect us to schedule a packing and loading date. After that, the only thing left is to perform the relocation. As you can see, we will make sure that everything is planned out and followed to perfection. For an exceptional move, come to Summit!

Excellent Crew

As mentioned before, we have been in business for more than 20 years. With that time on our shoulders, we have gained the moving experience needed to achieve success in every move. Our core values establish excellent customer service and communication. Not only is our team composed of the most talented people, but also of the most polite and kind people.

When you choose Summit, you are receiving family treatment like no other. We provide respect and clear communication so that no mistakes happen. From the many Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies, we are the best choice out there!

Our Services

If you are located in the Houston area, give Summit Moving and Storage a visit now. For any of your moving services, we have the best hands for the job. Also, our years of work have helped us gather the resources and technology required for smooth transitioning. We provide services in all residential, commercial, and senior moving.

To learn more about the many things we offer at Summit, visit our online site, or contact us directly.


Our local movers can make any residential relocation look easy and stress-free. However, we all know that moving household is far from easy. There are many belonging that require packing and transportation. Also, at times, several people are involved in the move.

To achieve a successful and enjoyable transition, we suggest all our clients leave the work to us. We will take care of properly and carefully packing all valuables. Also, we will ensure that our loaders and drivers deliver all belonging in excellent condition.

As for the people involved in the relocation, we suggest following our helpful tips. When moving with children, we recommend them knowing of the change from the start. Understanding the move will help reduce any anxiety and will keep them familiar with more comfortable with the transition.

Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies

Our Summit movers can help set up your new office!


While residential moves might seem more stressful, commercial moves are just as challenging. There are many materials and equipment that require transportation when moving offices. However, you can always count on Summit to be there for you. With our tools and skills, we can safely deliver any office items.

As a matter of fact, we have worked with multiple companies and developed strong relationships. Since we work to quickly and efficiently relocate your office, you can count on your business resuming productivity in no time. We help get your company back to work while giving you the best moving experience ever.


Other movers in Houston will not provide you with as much as we do.  Apart from our home and office removals, we also do senior relocations. If any older family member or you require moving services, give us a call soon. We will ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Specialized Services

At Summit, we offer more than moving services. We provide everything in between form packing to loading, to even storage.

Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies

Our storage facilities have video-surveillance, so your valuables will be monitored 24/7.


When you are ready to perform a move, you may become overwhelmed by all the packing that is required. However, our packing services help reduce that worry. With our intensive training, we ensure that all valuables are packed with the most care and safety.

More so, we will provide all moving supplies, like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape.


For any items that are too large for boxes, our professional movers will build a crate. They will put their skill and talent to work and help secure any more significant belongings to the best care.

Piano Movers

If you own a piano, we suggest to inform us before the move day. In doing so, we will gather the necessary tools needed to transport your piano in our moving truck safely. Since pianos are large, delicate instruments, with irregular angels, special attention is required.


Besides our moving services, we also offer various storage solutions. From self-storage to business storage, and even climate-controlled storage, we keep any item safe.

Summit Is Here For You

For more information regarding the services provided at Summit Moving and Storage, call us at (713) 623-1444. You can also check out our location. From all the Houston Texas Full Service Moving Companies, we are the best choice to make!

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