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Stop searching for a Greater Heights Moving Company, and go with the moving pros at Summit Moving and Storage. Getting ready for a big move can be equal parts exhausting and stressful. When you can’t find a reliable moving company to turn to, that is where Summit comes in. We have been helping Houstonians relocate for the past twenty years. We have seen and done just about every kind of move there is. Residential, commercial, out-of-state, you name it. Our goal is to be the number one moving company that all of Greater Houston can count on for their next job.

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You can now look forward to moving day with assistance from Summit Moving and Storage.

Being around for as long as we have, we have been able to use past experiences to help improve and build-upon our services. Every move is not the same, and most people don’t require the same amount of services as compared to others. We work with our clients to give them each and every particular move its own roadmap to base our services on. There are no surprise fees or nickel and dime tactics with us. We like to put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. Your satisfaction with our work is paramount to our assurance in a job well done.

If you haven’t found a solid lead yet on a moving company, it wouldn’t hurt to see what we have to offer. Give us a call at 713-623-1444 today to speak with one of our affable relocation specialists. They will be on the line Monday through Saturday to answer any questions you may have and will gladly discuss all of our service options with you as well.

What We Can Offer

Our services cover just about every aspect there is that comes with the moving process. Here is a list of just some of the ways Summit can make your move as stress-free as possible.

  • Full-service packing/unpacking by our movers
  • Free use of wardrobe boxes for clothing
  • Packing supplies (boxes, tape, etc.)
  • Safe and reliable transportation
  • Free cost estimate with no-obligation attached
  • Specialized crating for interstate moves
  • Full preparation of the home for the safe removal of items
  • Storage options for any excess belongings
  • Helpful tips for a variety of moving situations

Residential Moves

The average American will move once every five years. New job opportunities, being closer to friends and family, and a whole host of other reasons may require us to up and leave our homes. Leaving a home with sentimental value can be difficult; especially when having to figure out how exactly that will be done. In any case, Summit Moving and Storage is here to make your move as painless as possible.

When you plan your move with Summit, it is important to know how we operate. The first part of the journey begins with talking to one of our relocation specialists. They will help you set up an at-home meeting with one of our moving consultants. On the day of the meeting, the moving consultant will conduct a quick walkthrough of your home to account for everything you need to have moved. Once the survey is complete, the consultant will offer any additional services that may be beneficial to your move. Afterward, you will be presented with an accurate cost estimate for the job. (If you are practicing social distancing or are unable to meet with a consultant for any reason, you can get an estimate online as well.)

See Us In Action

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If you’re moving soon, trust the team at Summit to help you through the process.

If you content with our estimate, then the following action to take is to schedule your moving date with our team. In order for us to perform the job on the day that you request, we ask that you give us at least four weeks prior notice. This span of time will help give us enough wiggle room to make sure our team and equipment are made readily available on that day. An earlier separate date will be scheduled if you opted to have our movers pack up your belongings for you.

Finally, the moving day has arrived. Our team will get to your home early in the morning, so make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before. We will work expediently to make sure all boxes are ready to go. As soon as that happens, the movers will prep your home with floor coverings, padding around doorways, and rug-runners on staircases. This will help prevent any internal damage to your house during the loading process. Any furniture you have will be covered in protective sheets as well to keep them safe from dents and scratches.

When the last box has been loaded, we will do a quick walkthrough to make sure everything is accounted for. After that, it is on to the next location. We will provide you with an ETA to the new location. That way, you can meet us there to direct our team on where everything needs to go.

Commercial Moves

Families aren’t the only clients we can help relocate. Summit can also assist local businesses in moving into new office spaces as well. Our process for the move is the same as a residential move. We will work with companies to formulate a sound gameplan for their move. As an added benefit for businesses, we have specialized commercial storage units on hand to hold any extra office equipment that they have.

Across State Moves

To, fro, wherever you go, Summit can get you are your belongings there safely. Our entire fleet of moving trucks is cleared for and experienced in interstate travel. We’re sad to see you leave Texas, but you will love how easy the journey will be.

Greater Heights Moving Company

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No other Greater Heights Moving Company can make your move as easy as Summit can.

Of all the hundreds of moving companies you can call for your next relocation job, why not give the industry veterans at Summit Moving and Storage a try. All it takes is a quick phone call, and you will realize right away why Summit is the best Greater Heights Moving Company.

Fun Facts about The Heights

  • “The Heights” is often referred to colloquially to describe a larger collection of neighborhoods next to and including the actual Houston Heights.
  • The area has its own history, distinct from Norhill and Woodland Heights.
  • Our zip code is 77008.
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