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When looking into Greater Heights Best Moving Companies, give Summit Moving and Storage a visit. The best moving company is that which helps you through the process. With Summit, you can trust us on being there for you in every step. From the first call to the moving day, we are there to help.

In fact, we offer free moving quotes to help you better understand the relocation. We provide you an estimated cost of the project. Not only do you benefit from our direct quote, but so do we.

To provide your moving costs, our team must perform a survey of your home. In doing so, we can get helpful information about your current location. Such information may include, amount of belongings needing transportation, gate access at the new home, and much more.

If you are ready to relocate, come to a company you can trust. There is no one better than Summit!

Greater Heights Best Moving Companies

Greater Heights Best Moving Companies

Choosing From Greater Heights Best Moving Companies

It is nothing new for people to move. As a matter of fact, people are moving all the time. Whether they are conducting local relocations or moving long-distance, they will require moving services. When the time comes, we want to ensure you count on us.

With our 20 years in the moving industry, we have acquired the most knowledge and skills needed. More so, we have learned more about the relocations themselves. For instance, every relocation is unique and different. To help ensure that every client is satisfied with their more, we now offer personalized moving experience.

We understand that not everyone requires the same services from us. Therefore, you can pick and choose what assistance we provide. If choosing from Greater Heights Best Moving Companies, know that Summit puts you first.

The Moving Services We Offer at Summit

Just like there are local and long-distance relocations, there are also different types. The types of movings we offer are residential, commercial, and senior. No matter what you need, we offer high-quality moving services. Our experienced crew ensures your satisfaction with each completed move.

Residential Moving

The first type of relocation we offer is residential moving. We understand that each household moving is different, and our work reflects that understanding. More so, we know that families have busy lives, and finding time to plan out a move can be challenging. To help with that, our excellent work will provide you an efficient and stress-free transition.

Our many years of work have helped us perfect the art of moving. Also, we have gathered the information and resources needed for a successful move. Trust a company that will help you plan and carry out your relocation—Trust Summit for all your moving needs.

Whether you are moving across the street or across the state, we are here to make it happen. We are here to make any move occur to perfection. Contact our services for your next residential move.

Commercial Moving

As stated, we offer many types of relocations. The second type of move we provide is full-service commercial moving. Our crew has helped many companies open new facilities, corporate offices, and more. At Summit, it does not matter how big or small your office is; we can assist in the transition.

Also, we understand the many tasks that come with office removals. For instance, there are many types of equipment that will require transportation. To help safely transport all your computers, copiers, and more, we have the best packers, loaders, and drivers in the team. We will ensure that all items reach a new destination without harm.

More so, with our detailed planning, we assure you that your company will be running in no time. Time is money, and we resume productivity as soon as possible.

Greater Heights Best Moving Companies

We offer services for residential, commercial, and even senior moving.

Senior Moving

Lastly, we understand that elders need significant help when relocating. Therefore, we offer our assistance to all people of advanced age. Moving takes time and energy, and we want to help you enjoy and conserve that. Whether you are moving to a nearby community or another city, we are here to ease your transition.

Here at Summit, we will take care of all services that come with moving. By doing so, we will give you the best moving experience ever!

Specialized Services That Come Along

Although our number one priority is giving you an enjoyable moving experience, we do much more. Apart from our relocation services, we also provide a range of specialized services. By keeping in mind that many tasks come with moving, we provide our assistance in everything possible.

Our team of professional packers, loaders, and drivers will ensure that all moving is done with care.

Packing Services

Regardless of how far you are moving, or the type of relocation being performed, much packing will be required. Our homes are filled with furniture, kitchen supplies, and special belongings. All those items will be traveling with us to our new location. However, before doing that, proper packing needs to be done.

To help assist in such a stressful task, our crew offers packing services. Our services include both packing and unpacking. Therefore, you can enjoy your relocation while we do the heavy work. With us, all items will be packed carefully and accurately.

Once we have reached your new destination, we will also offer our help to unpack. We will unload and unpack all belonging with care and attention. Let us know if you will require our packing services before the move takes place.

Greater Heights Best Moving Companies

Take advantage of the many specialized services that come with Summit Moving & Storage.

Custom Crating

For items that are too large to pack, our crew offers custom crating. We will build a supportive crate to ensure your item is secure during the drive.

Piano Moving

Also, when it comes to pianos, we can provide specialized care. Inform us of the piano move beforehand, and we will gather our resources to assist in safe transportation.


Any items that will not be traveling with you during the move can also be kept in our storage facilities. We offer the cleanest and well surveillance facilities, to ensure all your belongings are well maintained and safe.

Get A Direct Quote Now

If you find yourself in the Houston area, contact Summit Moving and Storage for all your moving needs. With our talented crew and skill set, we take you to great heights. Gives us a call at (713) 623-1444, and start enjoying our work. When it comes to Greater Heights Best Moving Companies, place your trust on us!

Greater Heights Fun Facts

  • Greater Heights is a community in northwest-central Houston, TX, United States.
  • The Heights has its own history, distinct from Norhill and Woodland Heights.
  • The zip code for The Heights is 77008.
  • For more information, click here.