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Before searching “Fort Bend County moving companies near me” again, let us help you first. Summit Moving & Storage wants to help you with your next move. Whether it’s to the suburbs down the street or a new office building, we have the right services for you. We offer assistance with packing, unpacking, transportation, and planning the whole project. When you need to hire moving labor, make sure you get professional movers like ours.

Summit Moving & Storage services areas like Sugar Land and beyond. We provide quality customer service by focusing on the health and safety of our workers and your family members. With our crew and rental trucks, we make moving a breeze. With our help, you gain reliable and fast services for your home or business. Wherever the new location is in the country, we can get your belongings there in no time.

As a moving company, our mission is to ensure that all of our customers are taken care of and accommodated. To achieve this, we do everything in our power to provide the most excellent moving experience. From a new neighborhood to a new city, we can provide the right team for the job. We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly during the moving process and unpacking.

Fort Bend County Moving Companies Near Me

Fort Bend County Moving Companies Near Me


Our crew offers equipment such as moving boxes and trucks to aid you in your transition. We also offer storage services to anyone who may need them. Our units make it easy to hold onto the things that you can’t fit in your new place.

Summit Moving & Storage provides all of the knowledge, experience, and skills you need for quality moving. With our help, you’ll never have to search “Fort Bend County moving companies near me” again.

Fort Bend County Moving Companies Near Me

Summit Moving & Storage is a moving company that helps you across the country. When you decide to move your family or business to a new location, you have a lot of property to consider. Between fragile objects and heavy-duty furniture, our movers can handle it all. We specialize in both local and long-distance moves so that you have someone that you can rely on.

For over twenty years, we have helped the people of Houston and beyond with their moving and storage. During that time, we have assisted with pianos, pool tables, exercise equipment, playgrounds, swing sets, and much more. We have also accumulated various moving tips that we share with our clients to ensure the best move possible.

You can also get a free estimate on your move, both online or in person. We bring you everything you need for intercity and international moving to provide a safe and secure transition. Summit Moving & Storage also offers several options for storage to our clients.

We know that whether you move into a larger or smaller space, there are some things that just won’t fit. With our multi-purpose storage units, you’ll have a place to put it all. These spaces are perfect for self-storage, vehicle storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage.

You can find a plethora of moving companies in Houston, but only one has what it takes to ensure consistent excellence. That company is Summit Moving & Storage. With our amazing track record, we make your move the smoothest one possible.

Storage and Moving Services

Summit Moving & Storage is a moving company that knows what you need for quality moving and storage. To accomplish our mission of superior moving and storage services, we offer seamless transportation. We provide our services to all residents of Houston to ensure that you have a fast and convenient move. You’ll get this quality service for all residential and commercial moves that you make. This will even include across the state moves.

Fort Bend County Moving Companies Near Me

Try out our storage units today for excess belongings.

Alongside our moving services, we provide our storage services as well. With this, we provide you with a place to keep your belongings until you know what to do with them. You won’t have to throw anything away when you make a move to a smaller location. Instead, let us hold onto it until you’re ready to take care of it. Once you handle all of your excess property, you can focus on the move itself.

Residential Moving Services

At Summit Moving & Storage, we know how essential it is to get your new home in order. We provide residential moving because we want to make the jump to a new home a stress-free one. Instead of trying to plan everything out yourself, let our professional movers help. They’ll assist you with the packing, unpacking, transportation, planning, so much more.

Once they get the lay of the land, moving becomes far easier than ever before. We’ll take note of all the key points for the transfer. These points can include gate access restrictions, storage needs, vehicle transfers, and much more. After we have it all down, we can plan a smooth and efficient move for your things. In the end, you’ll get your belongings moved and unpacked in no time.

Commercial Moving Services

When you move your business, there can be many reasons. You can need to accommodate an expanding team or more room for equipment. Whatever the reason may be, make sure that you have the right team supporting you. We offer planning, flexible scheduling, equipment, transportation, and other benefits. And as always, we also offer storage spaces for your commercial belongings.

Our movers will assist you with the packing and unpacking to ensure that everything is accounted for and undamaged. With Summit Moving & Storage, you get seamless and reliable moving services for any type of business. We ensure that you and your team are settled into your new workspace without a hitch.

Across State Moving Services

When you move across the state, it can be even more hectic and unpredictable than in the same one. With our help, you get custom crates, full-service packing, fragile packing, and transportation to your new location.

Fort Bend County Moving Companies Near Me

Get the help you need from the most experienced movers around.

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Summit Moving & Storage is here to provide the very best results from our moving services. No matter where in the nation you move, let us be there for you every step of the way. Call (713) 623-1444 or find us online for more information. Once you do, never look up “Fort Bend County moving companies near me” again.

Fort Bend TX Fun Facts

  • Fort Bend County includes cities like Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, and Missouri City
  • The county produces mineral resources like gas, oil, and sulfur
  • Fort Bend also commercially produces gravel, sand, and clay
  • For more, visit here