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If you’ve been on the search for the best Conroe TX local movers near me, look no further than Summit Moving & Storage. We have the best relocation specialists and experienced movers to make your move day the best you’ve had yet.

We understand that moving is a long, tiring process that takes weeks, if not months, to execute. This is why we offer such extensive moving services – we want to do more than move or store your personal belongings. We’re here to help you along every step of the way.


Conroe TX local movers near me

Your Conroe TX local movers near me will pack and move larger items for no extra cost.

Residential & Senior Moving

Moving takes more than one person to execute successfully, so don’t put the burden of a successful move on your own shoulders. We’ll help you plan and prep for your big day. Your professional movers here at Summit will pack, unpack, load, and unload all of your belongings and pieces of furniture. If you have pool tables, swing sets, playgrounds, exercise equipment, etc. don’t sweat it. We’ll get those things squared away for no additional charge. Another great advantage of sticking with your Houston movers here at Summit is that we use advanced packing techniques to keep everything in the best shape.

Your local Conroe movers are also known for being extremely detailed when it comes to our moving plans. After doing this for 20 years, we’ve figured out the ins and outs of it to make sure we’re as efficient as possible. We think of everything well ahead of time, so we won’t run into any surprises. Trust us; we know what it’s like to encounter random bumps on the road on move day. We take everything into consideration well ahead of time to combat this and get you moved into your new home.

If you’re older in age, you don’t need to spend any extra time worrying about your move. Regardless of your concerns, you can reach out to our specialists here at Summit. They’re on the line during all business hours and are able to answer to anything you bring to them. Do you need tips on how to move with a pet? Don’t waste your time on Google; contact our specialists. Are you concerned about a certain step in the moving process? Don’t be; at Summit, we’re proud to say we keep our customers in the loop at all times. There isn’t a thing to stress about when you move with us. Stick to the people that make you their number one priority.

Conroe TX local movers near me

Are you moving your business? Ask your movers to set up for you.

Commercial Moving

When it comes to moving your highly-esteemed business, you need someone to do more than a good job – you need someone to do an excellent job. Your team members at Summit will provide the professional moving services you need for the best price. We have experience moving corporate office, retailers, industrial facilities, and more. We know how to handle office equipment to keep it in the best condition, all while maintaining efficiency.

As a business owner, we’re more than sure that you have plenty of things on your to-do list. Setting up your office shouldn’t be one of them! Instead of using your precious time, allow us to take care fo set up for you. Just let us know what goes where and we’ll get the job done.

Long-Distance Moving

If you’re heading out of Conroe, Texas, you’re in luck. Summit is offering certain moving services for free to help you save on your long-distance journey. Moving out of Texas with us means you’ll get full-service packing, fragile packing, and custom crating for free. We could also provide you with our DIY packing kit if this is more preferable to you. This is great for staying organized and reducing the number of boxes you need. Ultimately, you may even end up with fewer moving trucks.

Remember, Summit does more than your typical moving and storage company. We’ll also assist you with vehicle shipping, large-item shipping, and short-term storage.

Conroe TX local movers near me

Your specialists at Summit will walk you step-by-step through the process, so you know what’s happening at all times.


Here at Summit, we’re known as the best local moving company because of our elite customer service. As we’ve mentioned, our relocation specialists do more than provide generic information. We have any and all of your moving needs covered here.

As soon as you get in touch with a specialist, we’ll get a consultation set up, give you your estimate, and immediately go into planning the details for packing and moving out. (We’re sure you’d rather get this over with). We pride ourselves on being there during all stages throughout this process. That way, you can be confident that your move is as hassle-free as possible. Summit Moving & Storage is your one-stop-shop for everything you need.


If you need additional crating or storage, Summit has plenty of options for you.

Our wardrobe boxes are free of charge – simply ask your movers for however many you need. If you need them before you’re scheduled to see them again, you could contact our specialists and ask about our discounted crates and boxes.

We also have storage units available for your personal items, business equipment, or vehicle.


When it comes to getting a quote, you know you’re getting the most reasonable and affordable price from the best moving company in Conroe. Unlike other Conroe TX local movers near me, we don’t upcharge our customers at the end of the move. We make sure to give you the highest price right from the start so you can plan and budget accordingly, with no surprises. If you’re ready for your free quote, call (713) 623-1444, and we can get you started with the best Conroe TX local movers near me.

Fun Facts

  • Conroe was settled in the early 1800s.
  • The downtown business district was developed in the 1890s.
  • Conroe was named after the local lumberman, Isaac Conroe.
  • Learn more about Conroe!