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The level of quality service and professionalism you will receive from Summit Moving and Storage is far greater than any other Atascocita TX Moving Company. Our company has been assisting families and businesses by providing personalized moving services to help make moving as hassle-free as possible. We understand the amount of pressure you can feel whenever moving is required. However, our experts have been doing these jobs for the past two decades, so it is safe to say we have seen and done it all.

Wherever life takes you, Summit will make sure you and your belongings get there.

At Summit, we like to go above and beyond for our customers. That is why we offer a whole variety of services guaranteed to give you peace of mind during the moving process. We work with each of our clients to formulate a gameplan for the move. Moving requires meticulous planning and execution to be done right, and we have proficiency in both. Along with moving, we are also one of the only moving companies in the area to have our own storage units onhand for our clients to use. Let’s just say, whenever a need arises, we have already thought of it.

There are hundreds of moving companies throughout the Greater Houston area to choose from. However, quantity rarely correlates with quality, especially the kind of quality we can offer. Call Summit today at 713-623-1444 and get started down the road to smooth sailing. We will help you navigate the storms of having to move.

What Makes Us Different?

Our personalized service along with our expert team of movers sets us apart from our competitors.

Being in the moving business for as long as we have, we believe that the process of moving can always be improved upon. Everyone is going to have different needs and services to help get them from point A to point B, and it is our job to find out how to best help them. Each of our jobs is tailored to their respective customer. That way, they are only getting what they need and not what they never asked for in the first place.

We try to go above and beyond for each of the jobs we undertake. Every job is looked at as if it was our first. That way, you will see us at our best, every time. Achieving complete customer satisfaction before, during, and after every job is what we strive for every time. We take the necessary precautions to make sure to avoid any pitfalls and mistakes. Our customers have enough on their plate when it comes to moving. We try to steer clear of common moving problems such as broken or lost items, late delivery times, and lack of professionalism. Your moving experience needs to be something to look forward to, not dreaded. When you do business with us, you can always rely on Summit for a job well done.

How Does Our Business Work?

If you have read this far in, you are probably wondering how you can get started with Summit Moving and Storage. The entire process all starts by giving us a call today. You will be connected with one of our friendly and knowledgeable relocation specialists. They are here to answer any questions about the business you may have. After you are fluent in everything we do, you can then schedule a meeting for a free, on-site estimate of your potential move.

On the day of the meeting, you will be visited by one of our moving consultants. The moving consultant will conduct a brief survey throughout your home and take note of everything you wish to be moved. At this time, they will also inquire about any additional services you might need to make your move go more smoothly. After they have gathered all the necessary information, they will present you with a precise estimate for the move. This estimate is given at no cost to you, and you are not beholden to Summit for our services.

Let’s Get Movin’

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Not all Atascocita TX Moving Companies can complete a move as smoothly as we can.

If you choose to continue doing business with us, the next step is to have your move date scheduled with our company. For optimal execution on your preferred moving date, we ask that you give us at least four weeks’ notice prior to the day. That way, we will have enough time to coordinate our teams and resources to make that day possible. A separate date will be made prior to that date if you require our movers to pack up your belongings for you.

On moving day, our experienced moving team will be at your home early in the morning. They will make sure that everything is boxed up and ready to load onto the truck. Your home will then be prepped for the safe removal of your items. Any furniture you may have will be completely covered in protective blankets to make sure nothing is scratched or dented. Once the final box has been loaded, our team will set off to the new location. When we arrive, you will be given the opportunity to direct our team on where you would like everything to be placed.

Summit is THE Atascocita TX Moving Company

Although Moving is our primary business, we would be remiss not to talk more about our storage facility options. In most moving jobs, there are always going to be leftover or excess items with no place to go. Luckily for our clients, we can provide them with safe and secure storage spaces. All of our units are under twenty-four-hour surveillance and are kept well lit and well maintained. We offer small capacity self-storage, commercial storage, and climate-controlled storage to hold the more valuable items in your possession.

All this and more can come with your next moving experience. Give the industry pros at Summit Moving and Storage a call today. You will see why Summit is THE Atascocita TX Moving Company.

Fun Facts about Atascocita, TX

  • Atascocita, Texas is located in the northeastern part of Harris County, eighteen miles northeast of downtown Houston
  • Atascocita is over by Lake Houston and is home to many parks, golf courses, country clubs, and over 15  neighborhoods
  • The area was founded by the Spanish explorer, Alonzo Deleon, for military and trade use in the early 1700s
  • For more info (